Nottingham Tutors


Nottingham Tutors was started by two primary school teachers who have a passion for helping both children and adults become the best that they can be. 

Our dynamic, patient and personalised sessions mean that every lesson is personally tailored to meet each tutee's needs. We love what we do and value the importance of building confidence and self-esteem for all of our students and their families. 

We are usually approached by parents who want to find out ways to support their child with their learning. Through an initial discussion with the parent to identify the areas of difficulty, we can plan sessions to boost the child's confidence, fill in their gaps in knowledge and help to develop their thinking. If you are searching for a tutor in Nottingham then look no further!

We are also able to support with languages such as French, Italian and Spanish for both children and adults.

We want to give our students the confidence to apply their knowledge independently and feel positive about their learning so that they can achieve their full potential. 


About Us

What do we do?

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We provide personalised tuition for students from 3-18 years old. Our tuition can benefit students in a range of ways, from building their confidence in a subject to closing gaps in knowledge. Our tutors are  also particularly experienced at working with children who are preparing for their exams (including SATs, 11+,  Private School Entrance Exams, GCSEs and A Levels).



Our tutors are all qualified teachers (most of whom currently work within Nottinghamshire schools) and are highly valued. As our tutors are all accomplished teachers, they have undertaken professional training to ensure they can effectively support children with additional educational needs, including  dyslexia and ASD.  Between them, our team of dedicated tutors have thousands of hours of personal tuition experience. 

Where are we based?


We tutor in Nottingham and in areas across the county.