Languages tutors in nottingham



Are you looking for a Spanish tutor in Nottingham? We have a language coach who is able to provide Spanish lessons for both children and adults. 

Spanish born, Caye moved to England when she was 13 and has a Masters Degree in Politics. Caye can support beginners and more fluent Spanish speakers and will tailor the lessons to suit any ability. She is able to prepare students for upcoming exams or build their confidence and understanding in the language.  



Our French languages coach, Sabrina, has lived in Nottingham for over 15 years. She is able to teach French at all levels from children to adults. She has lots of experience teaching French from scratch, but also to learners who struggled to learn French in school or with other tutors.  



One of our tutors, Barbara, was born and grew up in Italy until she moved to Nottingham six years ago. Barbara is able to support with conversational Italian and makes an ideal partner for someone wanting to learn the language, build confidence or develop a greater understanding.