FREE TUITION this Half Term!

You know that 189+467=656 but why can some children work it out quickly in their heads and some cannot work it out at all? The answer is simple - some children have an appropriate strategy and some do not. This half term, Nottingham Tutors are providing FREE personalised sessions for families at Wollaton Library. These short 1-1 family sessions are designed to provide you and your child with an understanding of Maths concepts and also teach you useful calculation strategies that you can use with your children at home to build their confidence.

Each session lasts 20 minutes and is completely free. Please get in touch and tell us which aspect of Maths you want help with and we will tailor your personal session to this e.g. mental calculation stategies (particularly useful if your child relies on counting with their fingers), fractions, decimals etc.

The sessions will be run by two of our tutors (both are experienced primary school teachers and also currently teach in schools).

The free 20 minute sessions are available on Wednesday 23rd October between 9.30am and 11.30am at Wollaton Library. We are now taking bookings so to reserve your space or find out more information, please send us a Facebook message or email